A great piece of news this week for the preservation of works of art in virtual worlds an Arcadia-Aley Library has opened up on the Kitely grid. The first piece of news came from Ada Radius on Google+ where they announced in the Friends of Arcadia Asylum google+ group:

“I have some news. The New Media Arts board of directors agreed to add my collection of Arcadia/Aley builds to their libraries, and host it at Kitely grid. I’ve been collecting for years from my own imports, all the stuff +virtual christine had at Sanctuary grid, and whatever else I could scarf up around the HG before it disappears. I wanted to donate it to an organization that should be around for a while.”

This was great news to hear as I am a big fan of Aley-Arcadia stuff and always have been so to get access to a treasure trove of content is amazing. Heading over to the region there are so many things to see and some were familiar and it was great to see some long forgotten stuff and some stuff I have not seen but heard about.


The region description reads:

Slum City, Sewers, Hobos, Loli Cavern, Space Pirates, Robots, Flotsam Pirate Town, Ships, Nemo’s Underwater Laboratory, Mad Scientist, Clockwork Cogtown, Mer, Abyss, Seaview Fair, Islands, Forts and more.


This is a region well worth visiting and bookmarking and thank you to everyone concerned with the collection and hosting of the region. As Laura Ess stated on google+ “I think it’s important to maintain a heritage resource like this” and “I also think that such a resource is a start rather than an end in itself, because if anything, they show what can be done and how. There’s nothing wrong with modding these to get what you want. (source)”


If you can please consider donating towards the hosting costs if you can every bit helps. You can visit the region by using the following hypergrid address and enjoy.

grid.kitely.com:8002:Arcadia-Aley Library