Went over today for Belly dancing with Cataplexia Numbers on the Koryphon I region on OSGrid.

Belly Dancing 10am Sat August 4th DJ Cataplexia @ Oasis Ballroom, Koryphon I

Start your weekend off right with good energy and sensual belly dancing!
Belly Dancing with DJ Cataplexia- Tribal Rhythms & World Beats at The Oasis Ballroom @ Koryphon I , OS Grid Come join us at 10am Saturday, August 4th at the Oasis Ballroom- Come early for free silks men/ladies, mesh and non mesh & mens warrior kilts

hg.osgrid.org:80:koryphon I


Had a great time and meet a few new people, great tunes, great company I really hope it becomes something regular. Took some footage whilst I was there you can watch the video below.