Found this region by accident and what a pleasant accident. I was looking for another region but was on the wrong grid entirely. Landing on the Digiworldz welcome region there is a landmark giver which gives a selection of landmarks in themed folders. I selected Vampire RP and in that folder of landmarks there was a region called Isle of Nightmares.

HG address: of Nightmares

[Creators: Morticia Soulless and Dementia Demise Group: Isle of Nightmares]

Taken at Cemetery Isle of Nightmares [Digiworldz]

You will be given a notecard when you arrive and in it you will see this description and warning about the region:

**WARNING** Some images and attractions may be disturbing. We are a classic horror sim with a slightly warped twist, so if you are offended by horror or gore please turn back now. We can’t control your emotions and won’t be sympathetic to those who didn’t heed our warning.

Ready to go? Just use the teleport system to navigate. Many areas feature interactive items and you’re encouraged to click as you explore. Areas are incomplete so please pardon our progress.


The region is a huge var region and scattered across the terrain are scenes of horror and interaction. There is allot to see and the atmosphere and design of the region are incredible and you, like me will want to get exploring as quickly as possible.

Taken at the Cemetery Isle of Nightmares [Digiworldz]

The landing point is called the Freak Show and there are other destinations on the Isle of nightmares that you can visit using the region teleporter. Other places you can visit are the Asylum, Apocalypse, Cemetery, Frankenstein, Hell, Murder Shack and one last nerve jangler and appropriately named Murder Shack (wonders what that is about).

Taken at Landing Point Isle of Nightmares [Digiworldz]

When I started my visit I was on my own but I was soon joined by Bill Blight and we explored together. We decided to head over to the Frankenstein scene. A spooky tower of unspeakable human experimentation. A zombie is tethered in a cell with the door open on the ground floor, with a pipe organ that looks like it could summon a devil from hell if you played it. Exploring the different levels in the dome at the top of a tower there laying lifeless is a sheet covered human form corpse, well I think it is it didn’t move.

Taken at Frankenstein Isle of Nightmares [Digiworldz]

The second place we visited was the Asylum is a building high up on a hill on the region and you enter into a creepy lobby. You will find two elevators one to the basement and the other goes to an asylum history museum with some disturbing but intriguing images.

Taken at Asylum Isle of Nightmares [Digiworldz]

The last place and by far I think Bills favourite spot was the Murder Shack he called me over and told me to sit on the saw mill. That should of been my first hint that something horrible was about to happen. Then before I knew it the sound of a circular saw was screaming from my viewer and then I got hacked in half and was laying the other end of the table with my fake mesh guts hanging out.

Taken at Murder Shack Isle of Nightmares [Digiworldz]

Although they mention that they are still putting this region together what is here is well thought out and the attention to detail is incredible. It will be interesting to keep an eye on their progress as it has an amazing atmosphere and some nice interactive elements already.

Taken at Isle of Nightmares [Digiworldz]

One thing if I had to comment and me and Bill both noticed that there could be more interaction and clickable stuff. It is already impressive but with a little more interactivity it could be better. Remembering that they are still under construction in time our small observation might be addressed in the future.

Taken at Welcome [Digiworldz]

I highly recommend checking out the landmark giver on the landing region for the Digiworldz grid [HG:] anything that makes finding regions on grids is a good thing. Will be checking out more of the landmarks myself.