[Amsterdam — OSGrid Shaz Fhang]
Hypergrid address: hg.osgrid.org:80:Amsterdam

After a little map work, I finally managed to find my way to an amazing region. The region is called Amsterdam by (Shaz Fhang) and like all visits to Amsterdam, there is the canals, windmills and a red light district. What impressed me was the architectural details of the buildings, very realistic and evocative of Amsterdam.

So what can you expect when you visit, first off have sensible shoes on because there is much to see and lots of walking. I started at the harbour and walked from there to the centre of town where there are rows of houses, beer houses and places of business. Heading north and to the right you will see the red like district, I ventured in and took a look around and well 18+ as there are a few things that might make the sensitive blush. But it modest for the most part so please dont let a little nudity put you off.

I highly recommend seeing this region, enjoy exploring the shops, buildings and open spaces. You can find more information about this region by visiting the OpenSim World directory here.