hypergrid.org:8002:minoa and hypergrid.org:8002:Roman

This installment features two region [Minoa and Roman] by the same person, Satyr Aeon. You may recognize the name from the Farming System that Satyr scripted and collected the objects for. They are also the creator of the OpenSim World directory [OpenSimWorld Google+ community group] where you can find a huge range of hypergrid accessible regions.


Visited the Minoa region by +Satyr Aeon this evening and it is always a rich layering of texturing, modelling, vehicles and NPC’s that combine to create an immersive experience.

There are many interactive objects there, I sailed a ship, rode a dragon, somersaulted over the back of a bull and rode an NPC horse. Luckily nothing can be damaged and hopefully your sailing and riding is better than mine, I crashed a couple of boats so the standard is set fairly low. You can also find outfits to change into near the opensimworld beacon.

Although I cannot comment on the authenticity of the Minoan architecture I can say one thing it is both striking in colour and in scale. In the centre of the region you will find a large multi layered build with steps leading up to it on four sides. The elevated building has some incredible wall paintings and people walking about which feels authentic.


Once I landed on the Roman by Satyr Aeon I knew I was about to lose time exploring this region. Minoa was awe inspiring but Roman is more fleshed out and lots more to explore. I include only a few of the images from my visit (to both Minoa and Roman) as there were so many things to take photos off it was difficult to narrow down the selection to include. I also won a chariot race against myself, yay me.

You land on the region at a dock and this starts your adventure, you can rez a boat and sail to the other parts of the region or you can take off by foot and explore the “town”. If you feel that your clothing needs to match the surroundings then you will find some freebie items in the main town area.

You will find a combination of different styles of architecture here from the large scale amphitheater, bath houses, shrines and temples to the gods, senatorial spaces to the houses and homes of every day Romans.

This region is huge and and I will definitely be back to explore more on both Minoa and Roman. Keep an eye out while you explore for the vehicle rezzers as you wonder around. These two regions show how the use of situated history builds can be very effective and immersive.